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About US


I stumbled across Emotional Intelligence in 2003 when I was looking for a way to heal from my past and to understand myself, my emotions and my mind.  Even though I was already a Health Coach and Family Counsellor, I was still struggling.

EQ training gave me the specific tools and skills I needed not only to help myself but to help my children to deal with bullying, grief and loss and to build the confidence they needed in school and in life.  I love everything EQ, I love how it changed me as a person, how it helped my children and how it changed my entire family’s life.

I am so passionate about it and nothing puts a bigger smile on my face when I get little messages from my clients sharing with me how much it is changing their lives too!

– Deborah McPhilemy, Founder.

Teddy Team

Master EQ Trainer / Creator / award winning author / speaker

Deborah McPhilemy

Deborah has worked in the personal growth field since 1998 and has specialised in Emotional Intelligence since 2003. She loves empowering people with skills to improve the everyday quality of their lives and relationships. She is particularly passionate about children being empowered with life skills from an early age so they grow up having these skills for life. More about her can be found at www.deborahmcphilemy.com

Deb’s PA and our Customer Care Bear

Eve Kelly

Eve is our nurturing care bear.  Not only does she take care of all Deb’s administrative and secretarial needs, she also makes sure that our whole Teddy family is happy and looked after.

Master EQ Trainer / Communication Specialist / Our Marketing Guy

Roland Rennie

Roland has over 35 years of Marketing & Business Development experience with a passion for Human Relations and Communication. An all round people’s person who is crazy about kids.

school Teacher / EMotional freedom technique practitioner

Kay Robinson

Kay worked as a primary school teacher for 15 years before becoming a private Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. She has a unique talent of simplifying teaching by creating gorgeous teaching resources.  Kay has created all our easy-to-use Tutor Lesson Plans and Activity Cards.

Special Education school Teacher / Teacher trainer / therapist

Pamela Candido

Pam has worked as a teacher for 40 years.  She specialises in Special Ed including Autism, Asperger’s, SPD and ADD / ADHD.  She has fostered exceptional skills to help all children to thrive at school and at home.  She now teaches those skills to other Teachers and Tutors as well.

What Our Tutors Say

Sam Edwards

“I’ve been searching for my passion, especially as our littlest starts school next year. I really am so thankful to know that I found it.”

Lumen Steyn

“I wish I had this ten years ago when starting out at pre-schools. This training should be compulsory for every human being, imagine what a difference it would make. This truly is changing the world one child at a time- thank you for that. “

Tracy Chetty

“The EQ training was the missing link in my life.  It has opened doors for me career wise and given me the opportunity to open and manage an EQ centre at a school, which I never thought would be possible, now I get to changing little lives everyday.”

Letitia Rajool

“Being a mother and an educator, I felt an incredible need to be more equipped with being emotionally intelligent so I could deal with the hiccups experienced by the youth.  The knowledge I acquired through Teddy’s Inc has enabled me to foster better relationships with the youth.  My decision to become an EQ tutor will forever be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What Our Kids Think

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