24th August 2017


Become a Certified Bully Prevention and Recovery Tutor

Learn how to help children to deal with anxiety, stress, bullying and fear in a fun and interactive way

Join our ever-growing community of heart-based parents, entrepreneurs and educators who strive to equip children with the self empowerment skills they need to deal with their emotions and the social challenges they face.

Our EQ Certification Programme starts again on 29 January 2018EQ Training

Educators, Tutors, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches, Nursery School Teachers, Creche Teachers, Au Pairs, Nannies, Child Care Workers, Parents, Therapists, Grandparents – All Welcome!

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training empowers you with the tools, skills, knowledge, lesson plans and activities to empower your child, and the children in your care.  We believe that Emotional and Social Intelligence is more important than Intellectual Intelligence.  Developing Intellectual Intelligence helps children with their career, whereas developing Emotional and Social Intelligence helps them to have a more fulfilling life.  Life is about relationships, friendships, partnerships, teams and working with others, this is where Emotional and Social intelligence comes in. Its what helps us to build relationships and friendships and having great relationships is what we all strive for. It makes us happy, it’s what gives us the fulfillment we all seek.

Become Certified to Teach Emotional Intelligence and
help children to prevent and recover from Bullying

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