Educators Online Toolkit to Develop EQ


An easy to follow EQ Foundation Online Course for educators. Learn in your own time with video tutorials and PDF downloads. Developing children’s Emotional Intelligence is now as simple as teaching them to ‘paint by numbers‘.



For Educators and Childcare Workers who have, or work with, 3-10 year olds

This certifying programme will give you the option to work as an Emotion Coach or as an EQ Tutor.  If you already work with children, this will add to what you have to offer and enhance your current skills.

Developing a child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) during their early years gives them the skills to understand and manage their emotions, and gives them the tools to deal with whatever comes their way.

Having a highly developed Emotional Intelligence from a young age gives children an edge. Not only will it help them to excel at school, but it will make their experience so much more enjoyable. They will feel and be empowered to deal with all the ups and downs of life.

The EQ Kit includes:

Lifetime Membership to our EQ Club

  • Ongoing extra training
  • 26 Additional Modules
  • Regular Q & A’s
  • Unlimited Online Support and Expert Advice

Resources to use in the Classroom

  • 26 x Lesson Plans
  • 26 x Online Books Converted to Use as Powerpoint Presentations
  • 26 x Creative Learning Activities
  • Posters

A Teacher’s Handbook to Understanding Emotions ebook

A – Z Feeling Dictionary ebook

For the full breakdown, please refer to