23rd February 2018

Join Our Team

We are on the look-out for some very special people to join our global team

Teddy’s Inc. is a heart-based business passionate about social change.  Our vision is big and so is our mission.  This is an opportunity for you to become part of a team of passionate individuals who believe that we can shape and change the world of tomorrow, one child at a time.

Does this sound like you?

• You work and live from your heart – people and their well-being are important to you.
• You are passionate about social change.
• You genuinely care about, and thrive on, helping others to improve their lives.
• You believe in treating all people, immaterial of age, race, sex and culture, as individuals with the respect they
• You personally believe in investing in your own personal development and understand the importance thereof.
• You like a bit of science and psychology and the evidence it brings to human nature and behaviour, yet you also love and believe in an array of alternative personsal development and healing methodologies like EFT, mindfulness, etc.
• You are a little bit of  risk taker
You are a leader and not a follower
• You like working for yourself but not by yourself
• You would love to be part of a growing community of heart-based parents, entrepreneurs and educators who strive to equip children with the self empowerment skills they need to deal with their emotions and the social challenges they face.

If this sounds like you and all of the above inspires and excites you, then we want to meet you.

We will be running a series of Talks on Why Developing Your Child’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is so much more important than developing their IQ.  Each talk with be followed by a presentation on the various options and opportunities of joining our team.  For dates, and to receive an invite, click here

IQ gets you through school, EQ gets your through life