Food is Your Story with Abigail Athaide

Food, community and creativity. Abigail is a foodie with a difference, she is passionate about food and how it creates community and unleashes creativity.  We talk about how she brought the three together and how you can tap into your own creativity to find purpose, fulfilment and release stress and anxiety.  I simply loved the way that Abigail spoke about food and how we can reframe the way we think about it, eat intuitively and release the guilt around it.  Listen for the wonderful tips she gives to get your children interested in their food and how you can use food and food supplements to address hyperactivity and other behavioural problems.

What I found really fascinating is the way Abigail links food to metaphors and her in depth knowledge of how food affects our lives and relationships.  That food, herbs and spices have their own natural intelligence.

We also spoke about her husband’s business ‘The Naked Pharmacy’ who has done some incredible studies on how to use Saffron to combat anxiety and depression and SAD’s.  I personally have been using Saffron for about 4 months now and it literally does feel like a light has been turned on inside of me.

If you have food issues or if you are constantly fighting with your child at meal times, then you simply have to listen to this fascinating talk with Abigail who will transform the way you think about food.

Ps, If you, or your child, would like to try the Saffron supplement that we spoke about, Abigail’s husband has very kindly offered a discounted price for our audience, so do get in touch with Deborah if you would like to order some.