24th August 2017

EQ Tutor Training

 Do you love children?

Are you passionate about creating a better future for your child or for the children in your care?

Would you like to learn how to help children to deal with anxiety, stress, bullying and fear in a fun and interactive way?

Then join our ever-growing community of heart-based parents, entrepreneurs and educators who strive to equip children with the self empowerment skills they need to deal with their emotions and the social challenges they face.

Teddy’s Inc. is all about social enterprise and social community, we are on a mission to uplift and educate young children around the globe; to give them the best start in life by giving them the tools they need, to deal with whatever comes their way.

We intend to change the way the world treats and raises children.  We strive for a world where all children, immaterial of race, religion, colour, age or sex gets treated with love, respect and equality.  If what we do and what we stand for inspires you, then you are a perfect candidate for our club!

Some of the skills and benefits of our EQ Tutor Training:-

  • You will increase your own skill-set and knowledge
  • Be able to help others to evolve their skill-set
  • Learn how to transfer new knowledge in a fun an engaging way
  • The opportunity to Learn and Earn

Educators, Tutors, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches, Nursery School Teachers, Creche Teachers, Au Pairs, Nannies, Child Care Workers, Parents, Therapists, Grandparents – All Welcome! If you work or interact with young children and you are passionate about Personal Development and Self Empowerment, then you are going to love our EQ Training!

Our EQ Training is all about empowering you as the adult with Personal Development and Self Empowerment tools, skills, knowledge and resources so that you can empower your child, and the children in your care.  We believe that Emotional and Social Intelligence is more important than Intellectual Intelligence.  Developing Intellectual Intelligence (which they do at school) will help your child with their career, but building Emotional and Social Intelligence will help them to have a more fulfilling life.  Life is all about relationships, friendships, partnerships, teams and working with others.  Emotional and Social intelligence is what helps us to connect better, its what helps us to build those relationships and friendships and having great relationships is what we all strive for, it makes us happy, it’s what gives us the fulfilment we all seek.

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