We Support Parents and Educators to Develop their Children's Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

| Anxiety | Fear of Failure | Depression | Bullying | Empathy | Kindness | Emotions have the ability to either hinder or enhance your life

Give your child a head-start by giving them these skills for life

Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom, mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.....Lao Tzu
Educate Empower Instill

Human beings are ruled by emotion. It defines who we are, how we work and how we interact. How you feel can affect your ability to carry out day to day activities, your relationships and your overall mental health. Research has shown that 50% of our ability to learn is developed by age 4 and another 30% by age 8. This is why we believe that developing a child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) during their early years will give them the life skills to understand themselves and give them the tools to deal with whatever comes their way.

  • Develop

    Confidence | Courage | Self Esteem | Empathy | Resillience | Problem Solving

  • Enhance

    Communication | Listening | Understanding | Cooperation | Focus | Self Expression

  • Prevent and Alleviate

    Bullying | Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Worry

  • Become

    Mindful | Happy | Calm | Kind | Aware

Toolkit to Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Deborah McPhilemy
Deborah McPhilemy
Founder | Author | Master EQ Trainer | Creator and Writer of The Bears of Blueberry Forest EQ Series
Damian Wilsnach
Damian Wilsnach
Creator of Characters | Designer | Illustrator
Kay Robinson
Kay Robinson
Creator of Lesson Plans and Creative Learning Activities | Teacher | EFT Practitioner

IQ Gets Them Through School, EQ Gets Them Through Life

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