Train to Teach Mindful Emotional Intelligence to Children aged 3 - 7

Who Are We and What Do We Do

Teddy's Inc. is a Social Enterprise Devoted to Developing and Delivering Mindful Emotional Intelligence Programmes for 3 - 7 year olds. Founded and created by Award Winning Author and Master EQ Trainer Deborah McPhilemy
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Research has shown that 50% of our ability to learn is developed by age 4 and another 30% by age 8. This is why we at Teddy's Inc. believe that developing a child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) during their early years gives them the skills to understand and manage their emotions and gives them the tools to deal with whatever comes their way. Give your child a head-start by giving them these skills for life.

  • Develop

    Confidence | Courage | Self Esteem | Empathy | Resillience

  • Enhance

    Communication | Listening | Understanding | Cooperation | Focus

  • Prevent and Alleviate

    Bullying | Anxiety | Depression | Stress

  • Become

    Mindful | Happy | Calm | Kind | Aware

Training | Membership | Books

EQ Training

Train to Teach. Learn how to develop a child’s Emotional Intelligence and give them the tools to deal with their emotions.

The Bears of Blueberry Forest EQ Book Series

Our Stories With Purpose

The Blueberry Book Club

Our book club is available exclusively through our Tutors and our EQ Club.

We support Parents and Educators to Safeguard Children by Developing Emotional Intelligence and Practising Mindfulness

Meet the Team

Deborah McPhilemy
Deborah McPhilemy
CEO and Master Trainer
Damian Wilsnach
Damian Wilsnach
Creative Director and Illustrator
Kay Robinson
Kay Robinson
Director Creative Learning and our Resident Teacher.
Our Certified EQ Tutors
Our Certified EQ Tutors
Details can be found on our Teddy’s Inc. Regional Facebook Pages

Emotional intelligence life skills helps children to release stress and anxiety, gives them tools to manage their emotions, develops resilience, improves communication, helps them to focus, builds empathy and understanding, all of which leads to more fulfilling relationships and a happier life.

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