We empower children around the world with Emotional Intelligence skills

What We Do

Teddy's Inc. is a leading Emotional Intelligence and Self-Empowerment Training and Publishing Company and the Owner and Creator of the fast moving brand ‘The Bears of Blueberry Forest’. We develop and provide training, books, activities, lesson plans and resources to assist parents, childcare workers, au pairs, teachers and therapists to pass on these key skills to children.
We educate, empower and provide you and the children you interact with
  • Emotional Building Blocks

    Confidence | Courage | Self Esteem | Self Worth | Self Value | Emotional Literacy

  • Life Skills

    Communication | Listening | Empathy | How to | Actions

  • Fundamentals for Future Success

    Self-Motivation | Goal Setting | Bully Prevention

  • Life Coping Skills to Deal With

    Emotional Trauma | Divorce | Abuse | Bullying | Death | Hurtful Memories

Training | Membership | Books

EQ Tutor Training

Would you like to learn how to help children to deal with anxiety, stress, bullying and fear in a fun and interactive way?

The Bears of Blueberry Forest Book Series

Our Stories With Purpose

The Blueberry Book Club

Our book club is available exclusively through our Tutors and our EQ Club.

We support Parents and Educators to Safeguard children by developing Emotional Intelligence and practising Mindfulness

Meet the Team

Deborah McPhilemy
Deborah McPhilemy
CEO and Master Trainer
Damian Wilsnach
Damian Wilsnach
Creative Director and Illustrator
Kay Robinson
Kay Robinson
Director Creative Learning and our Resident Teacher.
Janine Wilson
Janine Wilson
Personal Assistant and Nutritional Coach
Evanthea Prag
Evanthea Prag
Sales and Marketing and EQ Tutor Cape Town
Our Certified EQ Tutors
Our Certified EQ Tutors
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I believe that if children are taught emotional intelligence, life coping skills and social skills from foundation age, that a lot of problems we have as a society e.g. intolerance, judgement, discrimination, bullying, abuse, depression, dependencies, addictions, etc. will be eradicated. Deborah McPhilemy


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