5th July 2017

Train the Trainer

Do you love people?
Do you love passing on life-changing knowledge?
Do you want the world to be a better place for our children?

Teddy’s Inc. is all about social enterprise and social community – we are passionate about uplifting and educating young children to give them the best start in life and the tools to deal with whatever comes their way. We are on a mission to change the world, and the way the world treats children.  We strive for a world where everyone immaterial of race, religion, colour, age or sex gets treated with love, respect and equality.  If what we do and what we stand for inspires you, then you may be interested in joining our team.

Independent and Freelance Trainers, Teachers, Nursery School Teachers, Creche Teachers, Au Pairs, Nanny’s, Child Care Workers, Parents, Therapists – All Welcome!

We are looking for dynamic heart-based trainers who are passionate about Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Self Empowerment. Ideally you have, or are working in a field that educates.

For Freelance or Independent Trainers, although you will be part of our team and will be fully supported, you will be working as self employed. Once you are qualified and accredited by Teddy’s Inc. you will work alongside Club Leaders in your chosen area regarding training commitments and dates, you get to decide how much work you want to take on and therefore how much extra money you want to earn.  We pay a fixed rate per training gig.

Our Training Program will allow you to:

  • Increase your own skills and knowledge
  • Learn about emotional intelligence and how to transfer that knowledge
  • Help others to evolve their skillset
  • Teach self-sufficiency
  • Enjoy an additional income stream

The training course includes:

  • A full four-day in-person programme; with monthly on-line coaching and top-up sessions.
  • Instruction from childcare and psychology expert Deborah McPhilemy and Educator and EFT Practitioner Kay Robinson along with other Subject Matter Experts
  • Certification on completion
  • License to use our course material; a small monthly license fee is payable which includes additional monthly learning materials and ongoing training and support.


Am I suitable for the program?
If you are an au pair, nursery school teacher, therapist, tutor or parent, then the answer is yes! It is essential to understand the fundamentals of emotional intelligence to help the children in your care become emotionally literate and self-sufficient so you will be able to pass these skills onto them.

If you are a Self Employed Personal Development Trainer or own your own Training Business
You will be able to add these skills and our programme to your current offerings which will enable you to earn an additional income.  How much more you earn is up to you and how many training gigs you accept from the Club Leaders in your area.

How much can I earn?
Once you have completed the course, you will have a whole new way of making money. You will be paid a fixed amount per 3-hour training session.  You also have the option of becoming a Club Leader where you will earn a generous commission.

Are there other opportunities available?
If you are not a trainer and would love to be a part of our team and the work we do, then you have the option to become a Club Leader.  This is particularly suitable for people who want to work from home and those who love organising, socialising and chatting to others.  Please click here for more info on that.

Where will training sessions take place?
Training currently takes place in South Africa and the UK, for dates and details, please click on the country that is relevant to you.

To apply please fill in the form below.