20th July 2017

The Blueberry Book Club

Our Blueberry Book Club is available exclusively
through our Teddy’s Inc. Tutors and EQ Club Leaders.

Our unique fun adventure series brought to you by our EQ Teaching bears : The Bears of Blueberry Forest

Who are the Bears of Blueberry Forest?

The Bears of Blueberry Forest is our associated book club series designed for children aged 3-7 where each character represents a fundamental trope of emotional intelligence.

Our EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Teaching Bears provide a colourful and captivating way for children to learn how to cope with complex emotions such as anxiety, fear, jealousy and grief.

The bears help children to identify and deal with their feelings whilst building their courage, emotional resilience and self-esteem. They embody and live the core values of Teddy’s Inc. Our book club works using a subscription box model.

The best news is that the price of the box is included in your EQ Club Membership Fee!

Each month you receive a new box which covers a theme, such as anxiety, with all the lessons from that month helping your child to understand what anxiety is and learn how to deal with it.

What’s in My Box?

Every box contains:

  • A book from the Bears of Blueberry Forest series
  • Activities and learning materials
  • “The A – Z of Feelings for Mums and Dads” book (first month only)
  • A feelings poster to help children identify their feelings (first month only)
  • A giant fridge magnet (first month only)
  • Smaller magnets to add to the big magnet and remind children about the lessons that they are learning that week
  • Stickers
  • Mystery gifts

There are 26 books in total in the series to cover the entire alphabet of feelings. There will also be bonus materials, including a recipe book and a special Christmas story.