12th July 2017

Blueberry Club

Our Unique and Innovative Personal Development Club

Are you passionate about creating a better future for your child or for the children in your care?  Do you believe that in order to do that, that a lot of knowledge and know-how is required? Would you like to be part of our ever-growing team of heart-based entrepreneurs and educators who strive to change the way the world treats and raises children?

Our Blueberry Club is all about empowering you as the adult with Personal Development and Self Empowerment tools, skills, knowledge and resources so that you can empower your child, and the children in your care.  We believe that Emotional and Social Intelligence is more important than Intellectual Intelligence.  Developing Intellectual Intelligence (which they do at school) will help your child with their career, but building Emotional and Social Intelligence will help them to have a more fulfilling life.  Life is all about relationships, friendships, partnerships, teams and working with others.  Emotional and Social intelligence is what helps us to connect better, its what helps us to build those relationships and friendships and having great relationships is what we all strive for, it makes us happy, it’s what gives us the fulfilment we all seek.

So how does the Blueberry Club Work?

We have two options of joining.  Option 1 you can join as a member to Learn and Option 2 you can become a Blueberry Club Leader to Learn and Earn.

Membership Option 1 – to Learn

To Learn
Every month you will attend a club meeting in your area where you learn invaluable personal development skills and we show you how to teach the same skills to your children.  As part of your membership you will receive resources for yourself and for your children, or the children in your care.  The resources your children will receive is a Box Subscription which contains books from our award winning Book Series ‘The Bears of Blueberry Forest‘ along with activities and other fun goodies that have been created to accompany each book and enhance learning.

These are the skills and benefits that our monthly Blueberry Club Members enjoy:-

  • Personal Development
  • Self Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales and Marketing including Social Media
  • Business Basics Skills, e.g. financial management
  • A Box Subscription to The Blueberry Book Club for your children
  • The opportunity to Learn and Earn

Membership Option 2 Club Leader – Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn
If you like socialising and organising get-togethers, then this option is for you.

As a Club Leader, you will benefit and learn from everything mentioned in Option 1 and make money too!
As a Blueberry Club Leader, you get to organise club meetings at a location of your choice.  Your job will be to invite your friends and other people who you think may be interested in joining, to these meetings.  In exchange, you will earn 30% commission from their club subscription fee when, and after, they sign up.  You will also be assigned a Trainer who will work alongside you and who will conduct the monthly training workshops at your club.

For both options, you will be required to pay a joining fee which includes a starter kit.

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