29th May 2017

About Us

Launched by Deborah McPhilemy, Teddy’s Inc. plays a vital role in educating parents, childcare workers, au pairs, teachers and therapists in the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and personal development.  We believe that prevention is often way better than a cure.  Just like parents use precautions like nutritional supplements and immunisations to prevent their children from becoming ill, we believe that you can take precautions to help eliminate and minimise emotional trauma.  By teaching children core foundation skills like emotional intelligence and coping mechanisms from a young age, children grow up knowing what to do and how to cope.

We empower parents and educators to help their children by providing online and in-person training, resources, activities and learning materials necessary to understand key emotional intelligence skills. In this way, adults will gain the essential skills to pass emotional literacy onto young people to help them recover from bullying and other emotional traumas.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Teaches children to be more independent and self-reliant
  • Encourages a positive mindset and healthy emotional development
  • Creates emotional resilience and defence mechanisms
  • Gives children the skills, tools and knowledge for strength in mind, body and spirit
  • Acts in a preventative context (for example, to combat bullying, obesity and anxiety)
  • Teaches mindfulness and encourages children to live in the moment